2017 Flemming Borby  “The Funkhaus Session” Album, Divine Records

2017 Flemming Borby feat. Greta Brinkman  “Hell Is Too Far” Album, Divine Rec/Broken Silence/Gateway

2017 WEILE  “Ulven-og-andre-opbyggelige-fortællinger” Album (mix)

2015 Flemming Borby  “Somebody Wrong” Album, R.D.S/Rough Trade/Target

2015 Le Thanh Ho  “Elephant” Album, BSC Music Germany (producer + guitarist)

2014 Le Thanh Ho  “Zellophan” EP, Divine Records (producer + guitarist)

2014 The Ghostbrother Project  “Back Into Your Heart” EP, Divine Records

2013 Flemming Borby& Ariel Abshire  “Antilovesong” Single, Divine Records

2013 Labrador  “Are You Still Mad At Me?” compilation CD, Firestation Records

2012 MontBlanc   “April Come Down” EP, Divine Records

2012 Labrador     “This Time” CD-album, Divine Records

2010 Labrador     “Talk Of This Town” EP, Divine Records

2009 Labrador     “The Trendy Eastern” CD compilation , High Note Records

2008:Labrador     “Caleidoscope Aeroplane” CD-album, Divine Records, DK, Tyskland

2008 Labrador     CD-compialtion “Sunday in Bed ll” Clubstar, Germany

2008 Labrador     CD-compilation “Series Two Records” USA

2007:Labrador     CD-compilation “Sunday In Bed”  Clubstar,Germany

2005: Pafpetakel ‎– De Dekonstruktivistiske Tænkeres Endeligt VOL: 1 (drums on "min røde kjole")

2004:Labrador     CD COMPILATION “PopRenaissance” Excellent Records, Japan

2004:Labrador     “Instamatic Lovelife” CD-album, Divine Records, Rosemary Records, Firestation Records

2003:Labrador     CD-compilation “Daft, wild. sparkling, strawberry soda”  Apricot Records, Germany

2002:Labrador     CD-compilation “Hanging By a Moment” . Universal Music

2002:Labrador     “Goodbye Susanne” CD-album, Divine Records, Rosemary Records

2001 Labrador     Single “In a Blue Balloon” , Divine Records

2001 Amstrong    “Hot Water Music” Clearspot (orchestral arrangement)

1996:Greene:      "Minor Sun" cd-album, Cloudland

1995:Greene:      "Sct. Emetri" på compilation-cd "Fifidong - Gasolin Tribute", Sony

1994:Greene:      "Lovers Lingo" cd-album, Cloudland

1993:Greene:      "The Model" cd-ep, Cloudland

1992:Greene:      "Teenage Museum" lp & cd-album, Cloudland

1987:The Poets   “The Trapper Song bw. Red Jacketed & Blue” Replay Recs. RES4101

1985:The Fence  “Remember Be Scared”  Single – Polydor

1984:The Poets   “The Poets of the Signature” EP Sam 04

1984:Livng Sign  “As Time Goes BY” Single - Garland001