To start with the present : currently living in Berlin, Germany.

@ home, Berlin, Kreuzberg 2012

The beginning :

Growing up on the small island of Fyn, in the small village of Birkende, in the sixties, in the middle of the small kingdom of Denmark, the first musical influence was the music from the radio.


The classical era of popmusic was in its thin but explosive beginning, and all the great songs from the UK and the USA streamed out of the radio among all the Danish copies of the great popsongs.

And still melody and harmony, and artists like Scott Walker and Burt Bacharach are among the top 5 of my fav artists.


Attending the local village school started at the age of 10 to play guitar and flute.


Chosen projects from the past:

In the teens, joined local bands in the nearby larger city Nyborg such as ÅRQ and Studio Grønkål

In the late 70’s and start 80’s Punk and New Wave came to Denmark.

Moved to Copenhagen in 1984, and started to play in different punk/new wave bands such as Living Sign and The Poets (Poets of The Signature).

(both bands featured in Dansk Rock – fra Pigtråd Til Punk – Politikens Forlag)

The Poets, cph, 1986

From L to R = Lars, Flemming, Troels, Mads

Living Sign, Cph,  1984 From L to R = Flemming, Peter, Mona , Sigi


« As Time Goes By » video directed by xxxxxxxxxx


The Smiths came on the scene and they linked it all together (New Wave and sixties sound)

Started out in Alter Ego doing the guitar pop thing.



Alter Ego Cph 1988 – From L to R = Toma, Søren, Flemming, Filip

Alter Ego @ Club La Locomotive (Moulin Rouge) Paris, 1988

@ the practice-room, Stengade 30, cph, 1988

With Alter Ego did 3 videos, of which the « She Dreams Like On A Sunday » ran on MTV.

In the beginning of the 90’s joined GREENE

Debut album - artwork by Knud Odde

from L to R = Marco, Kim, Peter, Henrik, Flemming


Guitarpop very inspired byThe Go-Betweens.

3 albums and a lot of touring, a lot of airplay,  several times playing at the largest Danish Music Festival ROSKILDE FESTIVAL.


Love Made Me A Better Man – from Danish national TV program « Dansk Kabel og Tråd »

Started studying at the Royal Danish Music Academy, graduated in 1998,

also the year of the GREENE-break up

Greene concert @ jazzhouse Montmartre, Copenhagen, 1993


Started to write own songs, recorded them with former Greene members John Strandskov and Marco Andreis among others.

Called the project LABRADOR (after the Canadian province) and the first demo became « Demo of The Month » in the Danish music magazine GAFFA in 2000


From L to R :

 Tav, Flemming, Anders, Sara, Louise, Marco, John


The first single (December 2001) « In a Blue Balloon »  became « Song of The Week » on the Danish National Radio P3.


LABRADOR live @ SPOT-festival , Århus, Denmark « In a Week Of Mondays »

ink-LABRADOR – video – SPOT – festival 2002


12 years so far with Labrador, exploring the universe of guitarpop/lounge/pop music, already 4 albums out, and a lot of shows played. (past-concerts-link)

More info about Labrador at the projects-site (link)


The mentioned projects are selected projects picked for this website.

Did many projects over the years with artists such as Søren Nørregaard (The Fence) Ruben Jacobsen, Kim Kidholm, Marc Møldrup, Philip Fairlie (Bigheads), Charlie Lustman, Matthieu Rozand (LID (Lennon Is Dead))


LID « Virginie » directed by Poul-Erik Borby Pedersen

(video-link « Virginie » coming soon )


Wrote music for the films ”Secession” by Jesper Fabricius and ”Cirklen” by Laurits Munch Petersen and other films as well as for theatre.

Also did some subtle art-projects with Thierry Geoffrey (SportArt-project) and Lennox Raphael (Stewardess).

Stewardess @ Copenhagen Art Club, 1999.

From L to R = Flemming, Lennox Raphael and Michael Blunt

Yours truly, Odense, Denmark, very early 70’s